What is New ?


April, 2023

April, 17 I hope to get my HF antenna back up this year. Had to take it down due to work in the backyard.

July, 2022

Jul 14 Added the navigation menus back in.

March, 2022

Mar, 10 I checked qrz.com and they list my QSOs as 88. And confirmed a 34 of them. One is fairly new. Relatives did some work in the backyard in 2021. ( Their yard. ) Wound up cutting my coax to my HF antenna. I have to move it and connect the coax back. So I haven’t been on HF in some time now. Maybe I’ll be up for Field Day, 2022.

April, 2019

Apr 30

Added my journey to becoming a ham radio operator.

Still just a few, out of 85, QSOs confirmed on qrz.com.

I’ll be involved with my club, or at home, for Field Day, 2019.