This site will be about my ham radio doings. I have my US Technician license. And in June, 2013, I passed the test and received my General class license. In October, 2014, I purchased my vanity license call.

Revamping this web site. March 10, 2022.



July, 2022

Jul 14 Added the navigation menus back in.

March, 2022

Mar, 10 I checked and they list my QSOs as 88. And confirmed a 34 of them. One is fairly new. Relatives did some work in the backyard in 2021. ( Their yard. ) Wound up cutting my coax to my HF antenna. I have to move it and connect the coax back. So I haven’t been on HF in some time now. Maybe I’ll be up for Field Day, 2022.

April, 2019

Apr 30

Added my journey to becoming a ham radio operator.

Still just a few, out of 85, QSOs confirmed on

I’ll be involved with my club, or at home, for Field Day, 2019.



April 16, 2015

11 confirmed on LotW, 14 on QRZ, the other two no changes.

April 14, 2015 My 46th QSO happened tonight. Chris in Idaho.

10 confirmed on LotW, 7 on QRZ logbook, 4 AG and 2 non-Ag on eQSL, 2 on

April 13, 2015: 45 QSOs, 7 confirmed on my QrZ logbook, 9 confirmed at LotW, and 4 AG confirms via eQSL with 2 more non-AG confirms. Still a long way to WAS or DXCC.

April 11, 2015; my 45st QSO this morning. About my 4th first QSO for a first time ham.

7 confirmed so far on my QRZ logbook.

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Various links

Getting started on RTTY, AA5AU RTTY pages

Marxy’s musings on technology, controlling an AD9851 DDs with an Arduino

George Smart; M1GEO computers, arduino, rtty, ham radio

Arduino RTTY digital mode, radio teletype.

Ramsey Electronics

Jackson County Amateur Radio Association, Inc link fixed.

ARRL the American Radio Relay League.

This site has some basic information on Shortwave listening.


another ham radio operator’s web site AE7Q

another ham radio operator’s web site AI6K

The Zed | Hamradioforum

my first QSO

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20 QSOs so far. Taking a break. That brings my total QSOs to 36 on HF.

I’ll upload the list to my logbook when the contest is over.

Lots of QRM and QRN.

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