no wasps so far, electricity, and other items

Feb 25, 11:32 AM

No wasps yet in my shed. Hurrah !

Getting 240VAC put in. That will get my air conditioner/heater hook up done. Just then have to mount it in the window. Its heavy.

updated: March 3, 2017

Ordered a 3800mAH battery for my Baefong. It doesn’t exactly fit. Apparently just missed the snap connection to hold it in place. I had to use my Dremel tool to trim it. A replacement is on its way. I’ll try that one, and trim if necessary. Possible pictures later. After contacting the seller, we both detemrined the battery wasn’t designed with the longer case of the Baefong UV-5RA in mind. They have changed they seller page to add this information.

end of update.

Serial to USB programming cable. After an hour of working with it, and it not being found by my Win 10 Home computer, an error message pops up. I would have preferred it popup early on, but it didn’t. The error informs me that the cable is 2.0, and my computer’s USB ports are 3.0. I thought that USB ports are backwards compantible, but apparently not. So I have to dig through storage boxes to find one of several USB strips I have.

And I’m still studying for my Amateur Extra license test.


Ham Radio, gear


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