February, 2013 QST article on Hurricane Sandy and ARES response

May 26, 10:07 AM

Haven’t got my printed copy yet, this is from the digital copy.

I found the article by Rick Palm K1CE very interesting. I live in a hurricane zone and at work I am on the ride out team. One of the groups I work with will be very interested in the article as they have been wanting a ham radio rig and licensed operator available for just such events.

I let them know that I am working on my license.

We have a hurricane drill before the season starts; however, I doubt I’ll be able to complete my test by then. Paperwork locally will have to be decided on. The group I work with is checking on what needs to be done, other than me getting an operator and station license.

I have looked on the ARRL site and the closest VE is at McComb, MS. About a 2 hour drive. The next one is at Metarie, LA and another at Baton Rouge, LA. Baton Rouge is about 4 hours away.

I did see there are several ham radio clubs in my area ( MS Gulf Coast), but no VEs listed for them.

Update: I not only found local VEs, but took my Technician and General classes license tests. I’m a General license holder now. June 1, 2013.




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