updates Mar 7, 2015

Mar 11, 01:21 PM

Bought some insulation to keep my shack warm or cool. Ordered a taller heater.

Started putting out radials, two partially done.

I have 9 QSOs. Four confirmed on my QEZ logbook, which you can see on my site. One confirmed via Over a week and the post card from LotW hasn’t arrived yet.

Two QSOs in the ARRL DX contest this weekend. Bought the Winter 2015 call sign CD.

I think I’m getting the feel for how to operate my radio. I’m sure I need to improve.

edit March 8:

4 QSOs for the ARRL SSB DX Contest. This brings the total number of QSOs to 13.

March 10

Three QSOs confirmed via eQSL. Four confirmed via QRZ logbook.

Waiting on LotW setup to complete.

later on March 10: LotW completed. 3 QSOs confirmed via LotW.




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