Field Day update

Jul 21, 12:10 PM

I was at Field Day and was on air using a local club call. W5SGL

I used a Kenwood TS-440 on 40 meters. I don’t remember what antenna was used.

Had a PTT microphone and a headset. Next year I’ll take a ‘cover the ears’ headphone.

I talked to 6 people and 2 duplicates. I was told the club did it for fun, not as a contest entry. Which was fine with me.

I may do a few contests later on, but I didn’t want to zoooom through my first time on HF. I wrote down the call signs of the folks I talked to, I’ll post their call signs when I find that sheet of paper.

Had some QRM in the room and lots of QRM on the radio.

I did have fun !

And I would like to thank whomever brought the food for Saturday supper ! Delicious !

I’m looking at several HF rigs, antenna tuners, etc. and will hopefully be on the air in October or November, 2013.





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