Field Day, 2015

Jun 28, 12:29 PM

Got 23 contacts.

Also did 3 contacts not Field Day related. My total HF QSOs is now 83.

I’ll update my log later today.


Ham Radio, Field Day


hope to be on air for Field Day, 2015

Jun 21, 08:03 PM

My second SWR/power meter shows my first SWR/power meter is correct.

FM I am putting out 55 watts.

SSB I am putting out 30 to 40 watts.

I’ve moved my antenna further from the trees in the back yard. Its not about 90 feet from the shack. I’ll be putting in new RG-213/U coax, instead of thge RG-58/U coax, I have been using.

I may be using a generator to power my rig.

Probably be on 15m or 20m, my usual haunt.


Ham Radio, Field Day


off air temporarily and 57 QSOs

Jun 13, 10:10 PM

I have 57 QSOs so far.

Moved my antenna to get it away from the trees. Don’t have the coax made to reach that far… so until I do, I’ll be off the ham bands.

My radio apparently is only putting out 50 watts on SSB/FM; however, I dropped the meter… so it could be off. AM puts out 30 watts.

I should be getting 100 watts for FM/SSB and 40 watts for AM.

Trying to borrow another swr/power meter so I can check my radio.

Maybe I’ll be back on the air for Field Day, 2015, but I may not.

I have received and mail out one QSL card. I hope to send more out before July, 2015.


Ham Radio, QSO


53 QSOs and QSL cards ordered

Apr 21, 10:41 AM

53 QSOs and I’ve ordered a box of QSL cards.

My log shows 54, so I think I have a duplicate.

Ordered 250 photo QSL cards. No, my photo isn’t on it. I look terrible.


eQSL 7, QRZ 15, LotW 12, QRZCQ 2


Ham Radio, QSO


47 QSOs so far

Apr 16, 09:13 AM

April 16, 2015

11 confirmed on LotW, 14 on QRZ, the other two no changes.

April 14, 2015 My 46th QSO happened tonight. Chris in Idaho.

10 confirmed on LotW, 7 on QRZ logbook, 4 AG and 2 non-Ag on eQSL, 2 on

April 13, 2015: 45 QSOs, 7 confirmed on my QrZ logbook, 9 confirmed at LotW, and 4 AG confirms via eQSL with 2 more non-AG confirms. Still a long way to WAS or DXCC.

April 11, 2015; my 45st QSO this morning. About my 4th first QSO for a first time ham.

7 confirmed so far on my QRZ logbook.


Ham Radio, QSO


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