This will be my ham radio doings

430 days ago

This site will be about my ham radio doings. I have my US Technician license. And in June, 2013, I passed the test and received my General class license. In October, 2014, I purchased my vanity license call.

Studying so I can take the Amateur Extra test in 2017.

I passed the Amateur Extra test in August, 2017.

For Field Day 2017, I assisted the ham radio club local to me.


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What is New ?

430 days ago

April, 2019

Apr 30

Added my journey to becoming a ham radio operator.

Still just a few, out of 85, QSOs confirmed on

I’ll be involved with my club, or at home, for Field Day, 2019.


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how I got started in ham radio

430 days ago

In the 1950s I was reading The Hardy Boys books. In one of them they need to call for help, and found a ham radio guy who could send a message.

In the early 1960s, I wanted to make a good science fair project. I decided on a CW/Morse oscillator. A local ham radio club drew a circuit diagram for me and one ham gave me a Ham Radio Handbook. It had information on what the symbols meant in the drawing.

Dad and I went to two stores, they are gone so I’m not mentioning their names, and bought the parts, solder, and a soldering iron.

The parts that I remember are; a battery holder, a 3” speaker, wires, resistors, capacitors, transistors, a Morse brass key, a small breadboard ( a board with holes in it), and probably a few others I don’t remember.

The science teacher apparently decided I had used a kit, and no such kit existed in the stores I went to.

We moved around as my dad got transferred. so no place for us to put up an antenna due to various circumstances.

In the early 1970s, I was working with an Explorer Post, and the kids wanted to do communications. A local ham came in and taught us Morse code. That is when I found I couldn’t hear it faster than 2 or 3 words per minute.

About 2012, I looked into ham radio again. Found out the Morse requirement had been dropped. So I found a ham radio club, in yet another part of the United States, and took the Technician license test. Passed it. For voice, thats the 2 meter band and above. Mostly local.

Took the General twice the same day, didn’t pass. Took it again, trhe next month, and passed then. Since I lived in an apartment I looked at several options and decided to wait a couple of years until I retired to buy the radio, antenna, etc.

Bought my HF radio and power supply, doesn’t cover the 6 m band, then retired a few months later.

Bought a 1/4 wave dipole antenna, the Hustler HBTV- 5, and got on the air. Also have a power meter. I realized that static and atmospheric noise was going to be a problem, so I also got a Western Mountain dsp filter to handle that noise.

I keep a paper log, and upload to QRZ’s logbook, Log book of the World, and eQSL. The only QSL ‘cards’ I have are from eQSL.


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Passed my Amateur Extra test !

1057 days ago

I’m now an AE class ham ! One of my life goals complete. I hope to get back on the air by September.

Hopefully before June, 2018.


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Bought a Baefong Tech UV-25x4 tri-band radio

1066 days ago

Update: April 30, 2019

It looks like the microphone cablec and the connector for the coax has to be unplugged and wiped clean every few months, in order for a signal to go out. Its in the house and is not subject to corrosion, dampness, etc.

end update.

I found two mistakes in their manual and their pdf, same mistakes, and the pdf and manual are the same info.

on page 33 is supposed to be the method of programming a channel offset with ctcss tone.

Here is the correct method.

M = menu button.

M 45(menu selection) M delete the channel you are about to configure. M Exit

M 13 M Tone frequency M Exit

type in receive frequency.

M 44 M channel number ( this assigns the receive frequency to the same channel) M Exit

M 46 M offset, no, +, or – M Exit

M 47 M amount of offsett. M Exit

type in the Transmitt frequency, should be the same as the Recieve frequency. The manual says otherwise, ignore it.

M 44 M channel number ( this assigns the transmit frequency to the same channel) M Exit

I contected Baefong Tech USA and asked which power supply to get for this radio. They suggested Pyramid PS9KX as it has a cigarette type jack. The radio comes with a connector for this type of electrical jack.

My HF power supply has a 4-prong outlet, and this radio has a 2-prong outlet.

I realize I could have simply cut the wires, but I wanted separate power supplies for HF and my tri-bander.

Update: I found info online that says operating this radio at 25 watts, its maximum, can lead to overheating. So I use 10 watts.


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